Who are Gifted Children, How to Identify them

• Who are gifted children?

Among the gifted boys and girls there are children with high intelligence quotient. In general all children are equal, but when psychological tests are done on them, some of them will be of high intelligence and some of average intelligence.

Western psychologists Binet and Terman made definite criteria to measure intelligence of children. After intelligence tests, intelligence quotient are measured, under which made a category of children.

Binet and Terman have considered a child with scores above 140 in measurement of intelligence quotient as a gifted child and children with a score between 120 and 140 as the best.

At present, usefulness of intelligence test is being felt in the education sector. Through this, knowledge of mental abilities, talents, characteristics etc. of the children becomes.

Gifted children are those who have more abilities and capacity than the children of their age. Such children have high IQ. Special attention has to be paid to such children, because these children are invaluable assets of the nation. If their education and work are properly directed and encouraged, then they are leaders of a bright future. Among these children are future administrators, scientists, philosophers, teachers and writers of the country.

For such gifted children, Plato said that, "By selecting children of high intelligence level, they should be taught science, philosophy, etc., so that they can run the Greek 'democracy' efficiently."

The study of gifted children is done specially by psychology. Psychologists have studied the physical, mental, social and emotional characteristics of such children and presented their description.

First time in 1869, Sir Francis Gales of England, whether there is an effect of lineage on gifted children or not? studied on. Similarly, in 1906, Ward studied and concluded that the effect of environment is more on talent, not inheritance, But according to Gales, a person's intelligence and other types of mental abilities are affected only by his inheritance and not by environment.

Similarly, American psychologist Metall, in his book 'American Men of Science' in 1910, coordinating both heredity and environment, concluded that both environment and inheritance have an effect on the development of children's talents.

• Gifted Child : Meaning and Definition

A child whose mental age is much more than the average in proportion to his life age is called a gifted child.

According to Simpsons and Luking, "Gifted children are those whose nervous system is the best. By which they successfully do such tasks which require high level of intellectual thinking or creative imagination or both."

According to Abdul Roff, "High intelligence is often considered a sign of genius." Therefore, word gifted child is used to mean the high intelligence achievement of the child.

According to Kolesnik, " gifted word is applied to a child who excels in any one ability in the age group. What makes him exceptionally contributes to the quality of life and well-being of our society."

According to Viti, "Gifted word can be applied to those whose performance is commensurately remarkable in a value action."

According to Crow and Crow -

I. There are two types of gifted children. Those children whose IQ is more than 130 and who are of extraordinary intelligence.

II. Children who have special abilities in one or more of the arts, mathematics, music, acting, etc.

According to kirk, "Giftedness is a superior ability to deal with fact idea for relationship, whether this ability comes from high or a less well defined creativity."

Having hurst, "The talented or gifted child is one who show consistently remarkable performance in any worth while line endeavour."

• Characteristics of Gifted Children

On the basis of the above definitions, the following facts can be drawn about gifted children:

1. There are gifted children with an IQ above 110 score.

2. Whose performance is remarkable in any value action.

3. Those who grow and upgrade their physical, moral, social, emotional and aesthetic aspects.

4. A child who has higher ability in every field than the children of his age level.

5. Which shows continuous work efficiency in any field.

6. One who deals successfully with facts, ideas and relationships.

Talent does not depend only on intelligence. If seen in the true sense, both general intelligence and specific intelligence together create talent prosperity.

Therefore, the gifted child completes ordinary tasks with success and works successfully in one area, due to which the child achieves excellence in any one area.

On the basis of this, we can say that any one type of talent is in the child, out of the socially telented, mechanical telented, physical telented, attainment telented, artistic telented etc.

A gifted child cannot display his talent in every field. He can do this work only in that work area in which his special ability is high and which has high correlation with general intelligence.

 • Identification of Gifted Children

Talented child is very important for progress and development of the country. It has been seen in the country for a few years that talents of the country are manifesting their abilities by going abroad.

Through their knowledge and ability, they are cooperating in the development of other countries. But either he is not respected in the country or he himself is willing to go abroad. It is certain that a gifted child is an invaluable treasure and asset of the nation and society.

Therefore, it is necessary for the country and the society that they should give due respect to these talents and by selecting them in any way, contribute their knowledge, abilities and abilities in the interest of the society and the nation and make good adjustments to them.

In order to make the best use of manpower, to lead the nation on path of progress, it is necessary that child's abilities should be identified and developed to maximum. Talented children are invaluable wealth and property of the nation and society, by selecting them, efforts should be made by the society and the nation for full development of their talents.

If society and nation does not pay attention to them, then it is possible that many half blooming flowers wither away in the desert or those flowers will enhance the beauty of a prostitute's Garland instead of climbing a deity.

If they get proper guidance and are well adjusted, then they are helpful in progress of nation and if they are not adjusted due to any reason, then their richness of talent may take in anti-national and anti-social work.

Therefore, it is necessary that talented children should be identified in proper quantity and proper education should be arranged for them so that they can develop their talents and become useful members of the nation and society.

The following methods are used to select and identify gifted children :

1. Testing

To test gifted children, many psychologists have administered tests, mainly the following tests are used-

Intelligence Test

Teachers use different types of intelligence tests to identify such children. This intelligence test can be done in two ways -

I. individual intelligence test

Individual intelligence test remains correct in the selection of gifted children. Through this test the intelligence of the child is ascertained individually.

II. Group intelligence test

Individual intelligence tests are more expensive and time consuming due to being based on one person, but in group testing, whole class or classes are tested and talented child is selected from them. It can select talented children from a group in a short time with less labor.

2. Achievement Test

The higher the performance score in the achievement test, the higher the correlation will be in the talent of the child, but it is also true that the scores can be different-different in different subjects of a child, because the performance of all subjects not same.

So take the performance of which subject, some children have talent but their performance is less. The biggest drawback of the performance test is that we are not able to choose the right talent of the child through it.

3. Aptitude test

A child's life is more with teachers. Teachers observe the students on a daily basis, through which they estimate various abilities and talents of child. In this way they can also select gifted child.

2. Observation

By observing the various activities of the children, one can discover their talents. For example, some children remember more and faster than other children, some are able to faster walk, move, get up and sit etc., Some children work faster than other children. Many activities/reactions reveal the talents of the children by observing them.

Gifted children Identify

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